Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Cruise Diary; Day 4, Gibraltar

Day 4 
So Day 4 was our first day docking, so the weather was a lot nicer, shame we couldn't stay on the boat when it was still as there was no wind! But today was the the day that we left to see Gibraltar! Now i have been there before as it is a special place to my family. My nan was born there and evacuated to England in WW2. She tries to go back as often as she can but as she is older it is harder for her to travel so this was an emotional trip for her as it may be the last time that she gets to go back. She has no living relatives apart from her cousin who still lives in Gibraltar, which is one of the reasons that we went back there. 

We docked at about lunch time which was perfect timing as we were meeting her cousin for lunch. I have never met her before but the first thing that i noticed was how well she looked, i think she is 90? maybe 80 i cant remember but she was so smiley and it was so lovely to meet her. We ate in this amazing steak house, but i can't remember what it was called, it was expensive but so worth it! 

After we went shopping in the town, and i bought a load of shoes from the Topshop sale, I couldnt do a haul at the time as i had no wifi. So sadly that will have to be a miss. 

For any of you who do not know Gibraltar is part of the UK, so uses pounds and has policemen just like ours. It is very strange being there. We didn't go up to the rock or see the monkeys as we had already done all of that before, but if you are travelling over there they are definitely worth going to see! 

This is the house in which my nan used to live when she was a child. 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Cruise Diary Outfit of the Day 3

Day 3
I don't think that anything interesting happened on day 3, it was the same as day 2, windy and cold! Am back in Australia having the worst day ever and there is nothing more that i would like than to be back on that cold and windy deck 12. But here is another outfit for you, taken again on my crap iphone 4. 

Top - Topshop £60 (long time ago)
Skirt - American Apparel Tennis Skirt $54
can be found here;
Shoes - Russell & Bromley £145
Bag - Charity shop - $1

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Cruise Diary - Day 1, 2 & Formal Outfit 1

I know that i am no longer on the cruise but i have a lot of updating to do on this blog and a lot of things to say about my time around Europe! So we are day 1 of my cruise.

Day 1
Okay so when we arrived on board the ship we met the rest of my family (17 of us in all went) which was really nice as i hadn't seen them in over a year, we had some drinks and sat in the amazing Southampton sun...yes in England the weather was incredible before we left! My Nan did not actually know that i was even in England let alone able to go on the cruise....she was the one who paid for the whole trip for her 80th birthday, which was amazing of her because it must have cost a lot of money. Anyway my dad told her that I couldn't get back from Australia so she was really disappointed. Obviously i could be there, and i surprised her, she freaked and cried. I was a bit shocked because i thought it would just be 'oh hi bronte' but no she was so happy to see me! I was so glad that i made the long trip home to be with my family....on a cruise...who wouldn't. 

The rest of day 1 wasn't very interesting as we just had dinner, here we were introduced to our waiter Alexandros, he was from Greece and his assistant Eugineo who was from Panema. They were two of the best people we had met, Alexandros made every dinner time special as he was so funny. Dinners were amazing anyway as we had three course meals, and we could choose what we wanted from the set menus. As we had already paid a food package we could eat as much or as little as we wanted. Dinner was to become most of our favourite times of the day! After dinner we  just went to bed because we were super tired.

Day 2
So after a much needed sleep in our little cabin, we went to deck 11 for breakfast in the Windjammer cafe. This is the cafe where most of our breakfast's and lunches took place for the simple reason that you can get whatever you like. Yes it is another buffet system like you find in all the hotels but this is different...the food is amazing it is not just hotel food. Can't explain. Plus the staff are so excellent, that is something that we all noticed while onboard, they really go out of their way to make your trip amazing. 

Obviously we were up really early to catch the sun....well i mean the sun beds, now i have been on a royal Caribbean cruise before, on the Oasis of the Seas which was a much larger ship than the Adventure of the Seas, which meant that there was never any struggle to find a sun bed however on this ship all the beds were taken by about 9am so we had to get up at 8am everyday just to get a bed. Not something you want to do while you are on holiday. But it had to be done....and shockingly most of the time it wasn't really worth it. Imagine being stuck in a wind machine. All day. This is what it was like for most of the sea days almost being blown overboard every time you stood up. But because we are British we sat there all day trying to soak up as much sun as possible. The sun was still shining after all. And as anyone who is British will know as soon as the sun comes out in the UK we all strip down. Got to make the most out of it after all. 

After being blown around like paper in the wind for hours on end we gave up and went to our room to get ready for our first formal night! If you have not been on a cruise before they have at least 3 formal nights on board, which means that you get all dressed up and have your photos taken a million times by the photographers on board. As there were 17 of us you can only imagine how long this would take.

I was excited for the first formal night as i hadn't been able to dress up in a long time, so here is my first formal outfit;

Jacket -Chateau Leaf PJ Crop Top -  Topshop - £30
  I found this jacket in the sale, and i absolutely love it! It has a silky feel and a beautiful floral pattern, it looks lovely undone over a dress, or done up with some jeans or some shorts! This is what I added to my outfit to make it look more 'formal'. 
Can be found here (only sizes 4 and 6 left)

Dress - Forever 21 - £19
This is the perfect LBD, it is a cami style slip dress which is a prominent style at the moment. The back is very low cut with cross over straps, giving the dress a more 'dressy' look if you were to wear it on a night out, this is also the perfect summer dress. With all Forever 21 items you have to sift through the shit to find the things worth buying, and i believe that this dress is one of those things! And so cheap!
Similar can be found here;

Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Prance Boots - £90
I actually got these shoes on ebay after i saw them on the tv show 90210. I know sad right but i saw them and thought, they are my shoes. So i found them and bought them, the best decision ever! I adore these shoes, and i try to wear them any time that it is possible, they are suede with a wooden block heel and fringe to the sides. 
Can be found here;

Necklace - Sportsgirl - $24 
Sold out

Bag - Charity shop - $1

Thursday, 7 August 2014

My Favourite Dress

I had a load of new posts planned for this week as i have purchased a lot of new items and had a lot of outfits from the cruise that i wanted to share with you all, but i have been pretty sick so haven't had any time at all to post. I thought just so you dont all go away with boredom i will show you all my favourite the moment! 

Some of you may remember it from a post i did a while a go. 

Recently i have been wearing this dress a lot as it is perfect for the current weather! I found this in a charity shop in Sydney, it is by Guess and i bought it for $5, my bargain! It is a perfect fit and i feel like this dress was made for me, that is always a good feeling to have...The thing i love the most about this dress is the back, i love the halter neck, the ribbon on the back and the button up skirt (buttons on back) It was really hard for me to get decent photos while i was away because no one wanted to take my photo...sadly. 

Anyway i have worn it a few times before as i have said so here are my day outfit and night outfit....not very different but there you are.

Dress - Guess - Charity shop - $5
Shoes - Burkenstock - Asos - $42

I also wore this on the cruise to dinner, i added my oxblood boots and a bright red studded bag to give the dress a bit of colour. I enjoy the clashing colours.

Shoes - Zara - £30
Bag - Zara - £40

Both the shoes and the bag are new so will be featured in my up and coming haul posts where i will show them a lot better!