Monday, 2 June 2014

Our home on wheels.

"We all live in a white mitsubishi, a white mitsubishi, a white mitsubishi" 

I started singing that a few days ago...maybe i have gone mad. Who knows. Yes we are still alive. I haven't been able to update because I work 10 hours a day, 6 days a week and the library isnt open on Sunday's and i havent had any battery for over a week! But today we have a day off because it rained all weekend so no oranges to pack....which we were secretly happy about because we are exhausted! 

Anyway winter officially started in SA on Sunday so the weather is freezing. Well not UK freezing but it is cold. Especially in the mornings uhh when we have to get up at 4.35 to drive to is then freezing in the packing shed so the only clothes i wear all week are my tracksuit bottoms and a my high vis. I look so lovely, so thats why there are no fashion posts at the moment! The van at night actually keeps very warm with the two of us living in it, but as soon as we get up its so cold. But thats what you get for choosing to live in a van. 

Living in it hasnt been too bad...until we started to notice that we have both lost so much weight, literally i am all ribs and hips, its so gross. Joe is wasting away, we joked that we will be yellow and like a skeleton when we came home...but i am starting to think that we actually will be. I am putting this down to not eating meat at all. We live of stews and soups in a can, some have meat in but like one or two you know. They are also maybe 400 calories per can so we are getting no where near the recommended daily intake...blah blah. For lunch at work we have crackers and cheese, things that we can keep at work because we have no fridge. Oh and porridge for breakfast with water because milk is hassle living in a van. So basically eating nothing. Although as we have lost weight we justify it by going to Dominos and Mcdonalds like 3 times a bad. But it still isnt making a difference...oh well. I know that when i come home, my mum will be like "you're too skinny" "where's Joe" and all that. Jealousy. But no hopefully when we return from England we will be able to sort the food situation out or we'll be bags of bones. I also do not think that how exhausted we are helps with everything else. But what can you do. 

In other news...Joe made me a ghetto shower out of tarpaulin and a camp shower, (see below) but we then found out Renmark rec centre do casual showers for $5 (which end at 4.30 so we have to rush from work) so we arent as gross and dirty as we were last week...yaay improvement. 

We found our little night Percy the possum. He is so cute and fluffy, i just want to cuddle him, but he is still making horrendous noises all through the night. Thanks Percy. I think he has a girlfriend (or enemy) shes living in the tree opposite. He tends to poo outside our door so i think he wants to come in and cuddle but he does scare me a little. See i have gone mad, i have a possum called Percy who sounds like Darth Vadar. 

What else is new....we bought new duvet set for our bed, because the other one had a weird stain on it, think one of us wet the bed...but neither of us remember doing it, so it must have been Percy. There is literally no other explanation. But yes we replaced that because we are no longer poor...the set is from Big W and cost us $19 for the sheet, pillow cases, quilt cover and cushion cover....for which we had to buy a cushion, but that was only $5 so all good. We also replaced the lovely (ugly) blue curtains that i so lovingly made last year, with some brown ones that i found in the reject shop for $30, they are proper home curtains so are insulated which i think it helping the van to keep warm. As they were too long we cut them in half and sewed them on to the front two windows. It looks much nicer and keeps the sunlight out a little better.

6 weeks until we come home!! Oh and Joe has a disaster hair cut because the hairdresser cut all his lovely long hair off so now his hair looks like the beginning of a mullet...he looks like Jim Carey in ME myself and Irene. 

This is me....

Bye for now. 

Monday, 12 May 2014

Camp Life and a Scary Night Stalker

So as you may know after my last few posts, we are poor and trying to save up as much money as we can (so i can buy loads of clothes) therefore we are living in our van, at a free camp site in Berri South Australia, which is about 40 minutes from the packing shed that we work in. But as it is free it works out cheaper than anywhere else with the petrol so we are just going to stay put. 

I know most girls are like...ew living in a van. To be fair, i am a bit like my mum and enjoy the finer things in life, but at the moment the phrase 'beggars cant be choosers' has never been so directed to my life. So here I am living in a van. It is not so bad, i hate tents and wouldnt even dream of camping, but in our van we have a big bed, and lots of blankets. It is literally freezing during the night and in the mornings especially. We are barely eating because neither one of us wants to step outside and actually cook some food...and when we do eat, it is porridge for breakfast (using water of course as we dont have a fridge) nothing for lunch and stew in a can for dinner, or one of the many delicious soups that heinz make...i use the word delicious very lightly. The camp site we are staying on like i said in my previous post has no showers (grim) but it does have toilets with large moths in them. mmmm. moths. To get around the shower situation we have been washing our hair in a bucket and wiping ourselves with wet wipes....seriously how trashy can you get. However yesterday we bought a solar powered camp shower, yippeeeee. It was only $7 bargain! We are literally going to hang it to the back of our van, make shower curtains out of some lovely blue tarp and we will be ready to go! To heat the shower water you just leave the bag of water in the sun for about 3 hours and it will be hot. So magical. The camp water is a very dodgy shade of brown so i dont know how much cleaner we will actually be after this....we are trailer trash. i know. i know. 

We have been here for a week now and just started work today, so as you can imagine we have been so very bored sitting in the freezing cold van wearing thousands of jumpers during the day, so Joe and I bought two games from the charity shop, one called 'panic' and the other (my fave) 'the enchanted forest'. We had good fun playing these, and i won every time so Joe got moody and doesnt want to play the games any more. booo. To keep busy we have also been playing football, catch, listening to our German neighbours playing their heavy heavy metal from their cars and walking. We walked in to Berri town on the weekend and it took ages. My aim was to run but i ran for about 2 minutes and had heart failure so i walked the rest of the way. Hopefully we can walk it again this weekend! We also built our very first outback fire, which was lovely and warm until it went out. 

There is someone i should tell you about...our terrifying night stalker, the possum or other small mammal that lives in a tree. Seriously i am not joking i woke up the other night to this strange deep rattling, growling sound. You know what it sounded like...the smoke monster from 'Lost' obviously i shit my pants, and started sweating a damn good amount, and because we are animals and pee outside I went out  to wee in the middle of the night and heard it again, i shone my light up in the tree and it went nuts, i was like 'hurry wee hurry' so scared thought i was going to be jumped. I looked for ages trying to figure out what this terrifying creature was, all sorts went through my mind Aliens was the most prominent thought, then i remembered seeing 'fourth kind' and couldnt sleep. This went on for a few nights and the internet couldnt shed any light on what i was hearing. We woke up to strange poos by our chairs and leaves and branches on the top of the van, so we were able to cross out birds....and this morning i was lucky enough to catch the bugger in the act. I shone my light out up at the tree and this tiny little thing was jumping through the trees, looked like a rabbit with a tail....not sure what it is. But i put the noise down to this. I closed the door and heard the noise again, now what is so scary is that it sounds like its attached itself to the window it is so loud. I am going to wake up early this morning and film its terrifying noise. 

Today was our first day back at the packing shed and typically there was a power cut, so we got up at 5am for nothing and have been hanging around ever since, we start at 10am which is in an hour. 

I am sure i will have more exciting stories for you all very soon! 

Enjoy your warm houses and hot showers.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Road Trip, NSW - SA

When i was a child, i wanted to be a lorry driver...i know, what? But i thought it looked so cool, sitting up there in their big cab, so high above the ground. King of the road. As i got older however my passion for this seemed to dwindle. Of course, because who actually wants to drive lorries for a living? Must be a lonely job. I can say though with some confidence that after our most recent road trip i no longer aspire to this...I am sure that my parents will be pleased to know that driving trucks for a living has been crossed off my 'maybe' list. 

On Monday the 6th May Joe and I left Sydney after 5 months, which was good because as a backpacker i was getting itchy feet and wanted to move on. 5 months anywhere seems to be our limit. We were driving from New south wales to South Australia, which if driven with no stops etc should have taken about 12 hours. It is a grand distance of 718 miles. When we first made this trip we went via the great ocean road which took about 3 day, and was fun because of all the scenery...despite it raining the whole time, (read about that here). Anyway this time around because we have very limited money we decided to take the quicker route, which took us above Canberra, above Melbourne and in to the outback. The first part of the journey took part on the Hume Highway, with some beautiful views a long the way. The majority of the journey was taken on the Sturt Highway which is a huge highway, seems to go on forever and ever. The first day we drove for 10 hours with only petrol breaks (quick tip if you are road tripping across Australia fill up every time you have half a tank, or every time you pass a petrol station, because you don't want to be stuck) The journey wasn't that bad until we passed through Wagga Wagga, to get to the caravan park that we were going to be staying in we had to drive 4 more hours, so we decided to just go for it and get as many hours in before sundown (which is at about 5.30 now). 

Of course the sun did go down at 5.30 and we had about an hour and a half left to go. Let me tell you driving the Sturt Highway in the dark is not fun. For one there are no lamp posts, the roads are filled with truckers, which every time we passed one our van shook like a piece of paper and for about 4 hours we didn't see any civilisation (or any rest stops) so we just drove. Had to stop once on the side of the road because Joe was going to wet himself. Obviously i was convinced we were going to be shot by a mad farmer. But we weren't. 

We finally reached the Hay caravan park and set up for the night, thank god we were both shattered after 10 hours in the car. Surprisingly we didn't argue at all the whole way! excellent. That night i barely slept because all i ever watched at home was the crime channel and i was waiting for the mad owners to chop us up and eat us. Which they didn't. You would have thought that after all the time living in our van i wouldn't be scared anymore, but i always am. 

We woke up at about 6am freezing cold might i add and we set off again at 7. It took us 6 hours to finally reach Renmark which we celebrated of course. We then went to re-enrol at our job and we start in the next week (hopefully soon because we only have $300) But we are staying in a free campground in Berri (martins bend campground) which is nice although no shower, and my hair is stuck to my head with grease already. Yippee. May be a week before we can gross but we have no money to stay in the caravan park just sad.

All the flies we caught on our drive down...

I will try to do OOTD's but it will be hard as all i will be wearing is tracksuit bottoms and tshirts in a bid to keep warm. Plus working in a packing shed 10 hours a day does not require cat walk worthy outfits. 

See you when i next can get some wifi! 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Autumn Leaves

By the look of these trees i would say that its Autumn in Sydney. Although i really don't know, following seasons out here is pretty impossible as being from the UK 21 degrees still feels like summer to me. Talking to the locals a lot of people are cold in this weather and to be honest i acclimatised really well and i'm wearing my jumpers and jeans in this weather, but for Joe he still feels like its incredibly hot. Don't get me wrong 21 degrees is not cold...but the breeze makes it feel that way. And i hate a breeze. I hate wind and above all i hate being cold. This is just one of the many reasons that i love living in Sydney, the sun is always shining! However this Monday Joe and I are leaving Sydney after 5 months and travelling back down to Renmark in South Australia, as we have jobs set up there (we worked there last year) we will be driving in our trusty old van, and it will take us around 13 hours, we are going to drive as much as we can but we will probably be doing this drive in 2 days. From experience we tend to get bored of driving after 8 hours. Thank god our van has a bed in the back! Anyway i am struggling to update my blog as much as i would like as i have no  wifi and i have to wait for the people that live above us to turn theirs on so i can connect to it.....i know shouldn't really do that. But whats the harm. So here you go an outfit of the day for you! 

Top - Massimo Dutti - My mum and I adore this shop, i believe that it is linked with Zara, it is quite expensive but the clothes are so beautiful and are always beautiful quality, check out the website here.

Skirt - American Apparel Corduroy Circle Skirt ($54) 
can be bought here; 

Shoes - Asos Dockland Plimsoles (£20) I would recommend buying a size up in these! 
All dockland styles can be found here;

Bag - Aztec print fabric bag - Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren

To all bloggers out there; I would really appreciate any tips on editing softwares for photos, to make them clearer etc. Please comment below with anything that you use (: