Tuesday, 7 October 2014

General Pants Haul

Subtitled - Daisy motif print dress $40 Size 8 

The first thing i bought from General Pants was this cute little summer dress, it is by Subtitled, it was originally $79.95 but i bought it in the sale for $40. It is perfect for the summer which is why i bought it, however as i came home early i never actually got to wear it, so it will be sitting in my wardrobe until next summer. I adore the cute little daisies all over the dress and i love the low cut back.

Don't Ask Amanda - Lace trim prairie cami $49.95 Size Small

I have actually been looking for a cami like this for such a long time, i think they are the perfect summer staple, it is a piece that adds a little boho to your style. I did buy this in a small but i wish i had got it in an XS because it is actually a little big, i think that it is meant to be more of a tighter fit, but oh well. I have it now. Again perfect for the summer!

Wrangler -  $40 size 8 

This is another great sale find, it was originally $79.95 but i bought it for $40! Another great summer dress as the back is completely open which i love! The only issue with this dress is it is really oversized a size 6 would have been better but they did not have any left! As it is so oversized the cut out in the back from some angles shows my bum....So to save myself any embarrassment i might have to sew it up on the waist to close the back a little. I love to beautiful blue flowers and is again perfect for the summer! As you can tell i bought all of these items with the idea that i would be in Australia for the summer, but oh well. 

Keep your eyes peeled as i have been doing a lot of 'winter' shopping since i have been home, another haul is imminent! 

Sunday, 28 September 2014

American Apparel Haul

Okay so this is a haul i promised a long time a go, when i first arrived back in Australia. I never had the time to do it, so now that i am home i can finally start updating again! I will be doing the General pants haul in the next blog post! Too much for just one post! 

Crossback Romper $80 Size Small

The first thing i bought in the store is this beautiful little playsuit. It is really hard to get a decent photograph of this as it has a cross over back, so it doesn't hang too nicely. I adore this and i am so happy i got it, it looks amazing on! It also comes in white, but for me white is a bit too daring. Black is my colour! 

Cropped Reversible Easy Sweater (orange/natural) $68 One size

Okay so i bought this in black before i came back to the UK and i loved it so much i decided to buy it in this colour, the label says orange but its actually a peach colour. They come in a variety of colours just like anything from American Apparel. Might buy it in yellow....These jumpers are just amazing, they are perfect for anything as they are so light and the cropped fit means they look great with anything. Definitely worth the price! Here i am wearing the sweater with American Apparel Riding Pants. 

Cotton spandex jersey crop tee $36 Size small
Interlock bra black & white $16 each Size small

You can't go in to american apparel without buying their crop tops, they are by far the best quality ones out there. I always buy the Jersey crop tee instead of the other ones they do as i find they fit me the best. I already have this in a few other colours but not navy, which is just a standard colour, so  can't go wrong! The last two things i got are these two bras, i love soft bras i much prefer them to padded ones for some reason, so obviously i had to buy these, they are super comfy and i just love them! 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Heartbreak diaries.

When you first meet someone and you fall in love you believe that everything is forever. You believe that that person could never break you down in to tiny little pieces. You believe that they are the kindest, most caring person to ever walk the earth. You believe that if you ever god forbid broke up that they would remember the life you had together and be sympathetic to the person that they 'loved' for almost 4 years. Love is an amazing force, one that changes your life for the better, but for the most part that does end. Something everyone in their life will encounter is heartbreak. It is the most indescribable feeling, it is world shattering. All of this is made even worse when the person you thought you loved for so long shows his true colours after a break up. 

Yes i am going through this horrendous ordeal right now. As i sit here i have already cried for a while. Trying to find the answers within myself. I have trawled the internet for stories like mine to try and get some closure, as i have just been left hanging. I am falling and it doesn't ever feel like it will stop. I am writing this blog post for everyone that has had their heart broken and they just don't know why. For anyone that can't understand how someone they gave everything to has turned so heartless and cold over night. News flash babe you loved me once and maybe being an unbelievable prick is your way of dealing with it. 

This is my story! 

As most of you know i was with Joe for 3 years and 9 months, to me everything was perfect, we were in love, we traveled together, we lived in Australia together, i showed him and gave him the world (that dates back to the very start of the relationship when he was a Jehovah's witness....long story) I supported him when no one else did, i believed in his dreams of becoming a professional long boarder, when everyone else thought it was stupid. I loved him and i thought that he loved me. He was always all over me, i never questioned his love, i was never jealous, i was never paranoid. I thought he was this amazing happy-go-lucky guy, that is until now. 

Yes he broke my little heart, and maybe a break up or a break was imminent, we were two different people with different dreams. Maybe it wasn't meant to be but the way that he has handled this awful situation has made me think "wow, was he always this person" Maybe i was just always wearing rose tinted spectacles when i was with him because i find it hard to believe that someone can change that much in the space of a week. Don't get me wrong, our relationship was great and i had so much fun with him and we did see the world together and get to experience what most people don't. But i sit here and i find myself questioning the whole thing.

The break up came out of no where, one drunken fight led to the situation spiralling out of control, he because heartless and cold towards me over night. I was living on the other side of the world with him, working the same job, i had to sleep in the same bed as him even after everything. He would tell me to leave, then stay, leave, then stay. 'I love you' 'i don't know' 'i love you' etc. Kissing me every night cuddling me, then in the morning rejection again. This went on for 3 days, i felt like he thought it was all a big joke, that my feelings meant nothing because I'm still here and always had been there. 3 days later i had had enough of being fucked over, i made the heart wrenching decision to fly home alone. I am an extremely nervous flyer and he has always been the one to calm me down, i couldn't get straight answers out of him, so i had to decide the fate of our long term relationship. Before i left he was still saying i love you blah blah, i'll see you soon i promise i just need some space etc etc. all the shit you hear from a coward that cannot make up his own mind. So i got on that bus, and sat in Adelaide airport for 9 hours, trying not to cry my eyes out, having a few panic attacks I was totally alone. And i was terrified. Last thing he said to me before i got on that plane was i love you. I never heard from him after that.

I made it home, i survived the lonely plane journey, i survived the painful memories, i survived the agony of just wanting to be with him. I did it. When i was home i waited for 4 days to hear from him, to know what was happening with us, i heard nothing so i text until he replied with 'i might travel more, i dunno' There our whole relationship and everything that we experienced together was summed up with those words. The man i thought he was is someone that he isn't. 

You might think "oh she's bitter" no i can handle being broken up with, like i said i knew we had issues and a break up was probably for the best. especially now i know who he really is. The thing i cannot handle is the amount that he just doesn't care, yes our relationship could have ended amicably, a grown up break up. But he didn't and still doesn't have the balls to do it properly. He has shrugged me off as if i didn't happen, he has given no thought as to how the girl he used to be in love with might be feeling. If he was ever in love with me. Friends have spoken to him and are also shocked at how cold he is being, the person we all knew was so happy, so lovely to everyone and now he is a person that no one recognises. 

The hardest thing of all is having no closure. I could quite easily be friends with him after all of this because in my heart i knew we were not right as a couple together. what i am struggling most with is not the break up, it is the sheer lack of empathy on his part, when i thought i knew him so well. I never had a bad word to say about him, i talked him up to everyone i knew, i was so proud of us. And now i think "who are you, has this always been you?"

It has now been a week since i left, and no full answers or any communication has come my way. A true cowards way out. I am trying to move on with my life and picking myself up of the floor when i feel completely hopeless. But this will pass as everything does and i know in the long run i will be happier than i every was. I just hope he will one day think of me and not hate me...because thats how it feels, although this was all his doing, he has no reason to hate me or be so cold towards me. I hope he thinks about everything we did together with happiness. 

But for now that is the end of that chapter in my life. Time to move forward. If i can do it after all of this, then you all can. One day the answers will come and on that day i won't care for the answers anymore. And i can't wait for the day that i wake up and think "what a prick." "i am happy now."

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Cruise Diary - Day 8 - embroidery and leather

So here is my day 8 outfit, on this day we were actually in Pisa, Italy, my next blog post will be about our trip in Pisa and what i thought! But here is the outfit that i wore that day. Of course i planned for a hot day, hoping that it wouldn't be a repeat of Rome. I dragged along an umbrella all day obviously never had to use it...the one day i prepared myself. Oh well. 

So i wore something that i knew if it was hot i wouldn't be uncomfortable in, I am wearing my sunglasses by Mambo $30 (also seen here).
 My top i found in a vintage shop in Adelaide It is such a light material so is perfect for the summer and the embroidery on the front is so beautiful. Nice and colourful so perfect for any outfit that features a lot of black. I think that this was around $25, I have ripped a hole in it where it got caught in a zip, so thats a sad story about my top. 
My Shorts are from Zara and are a faux leather material, they are high waist and feature a lot of zips which you cannot see in this photo, I got these for $60 (also worn here and here).
My bag is Radley which cost me £80 in the sale, the most perfect bag that i have ever bought! (also seen here
My shoes are Birkenstock which cost me £45 or something like that anyway... (also worn here and here)

Hope you like my look!