Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Cruise Diary - Day 8 - embroidery and leather

So here is my day 8 outfit, on this day we were actually in Pisa, Italy, my next blog post will be about our trip in Pisa and what i thought! But here is the outfit that i wore that day. Of course i planned for a hot day, hoping that it wouldn't be a repeat of Rome. I dragged along an umbrella all day obviously never had to use it...the one day i prepared myself. Oh well. 

So i wore something that i knew if it was hot i wouldn't be uncomfortable in, I am wearing my sunglasses by Mambo $30 (also seen here).
 My top i found in a vintage shop in Adelaide It is such a light material so is perfect for the summer and the embroidery on the front is so beautiful. Nice and colourful so perfect for any outfit that features a lot of black. I think that this was around $25, I have ripped a hole in it where it got caught in a zip, so thats a sad story about my top. 
My Shorts are from Zara and are a faux leather material, they are high waist and feature a lot of zips which you cannot see in this photo, I got these for $60 (also worn here and here).
My bag is Radley which cost me £80 in the sale, the most perfect bag that i have ever bought! (also seen here
My shoes are Birkenstock which cost me £45 or something like that anyway... (also worn here and here)

Hope you like my look!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Cruise diary - Day 7 Rome & outfit


So there are just a few of my photographs taken in Rome, I was super excited to finally be in Italy, somewhere that i have always wanted to go and Rome being a complete history nerd i have been dying to go to the colosseum since i was really small. and my dream finally came true! 

Was it everything i had hoped for?! I hear you all crying.


Sadly i was not all that impressed with Rome as a city not for the history but the city in itself was just a bit all over the place for my liking. I think it had something to do with the fact that it rained all day, so maybe that has clouded my judgement. I will say though that i was only there for a day so i cannot say 100% that i hated Rome. I think i would need a few more days and not have it all so rushed. As we did tours everything was all here's this and this and this....move on. You know a self-guided tour would have been much better. But you know. What i did love about the actual city was the fact that the shops were inside the old buildings, i love that there are no high rise buildings and nothing taking away from its heritage. I found it very hard to find my way around...but of course that was due to only briefly seeing the city. 

The historical aspects of Rome were everything i thought they would be. The Colosseum was beautiful, i have always had a fascination with Gladiators and would read about them quite often so it was amazing to see something that i was so interested in. I would have loved to have been there for a lot longer because the tour guide (who was a very camp italian man with hugely sweaty armpits) kept hurrying us a long i barely got to just stand there and appreciate where i was. Like i said a self-guided tour would have been much nicer. The only difficulty with that is we cut about a 3 hour queue because we had already got tickets. So this is the dilemma that you face when visiting the Colosseum. 

The Pantheon is a Roman temple and it is something that i was truly impressed by. Walking inside i actually said 'wow' it is really a beautiful building, it is actually one of the best surviving buildings from Rome's past. I only have one photo because i tried taking some but they didn't do it justice so i just gave up. 

Obviously to top off the Rome experience we went to a cafe/restaurant and i had a big carbonara. Which was amazing. Italians really do, do it better. 


Not at all interesting but here is what i wore to Rome, of course i look like a hideous tourist but that is because i had to keep taking my camera out of my bag so in the end i though I am a tourist so i will appear like one....also i have my tour headset around my neck. Super lovely. 

I thought it would be hot so i wore a crop that i bought from Topshop a while a go, it is actually from a concession inside Oxford St Topshop so cannot remember the brand name. My Sunglasses are Mambo and i got these from Big W for $35, my shorts are the Stretch bull denim hight-waist cut offs from American apparel these are $75.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Cruise Diary; Day 6 OOTD

I am trying so hard to keep up with recalling all my days on the cruise, but its been really tough this week as we have moved home, and i have worked 7 days this week 10 hours each having a spare moment when i actually have any energy is tough. Plus i start at 6am tomorrow as well so no more days off until next Sunday. I have a spare moment now because my boyfriend is occupied with his new friends, all three are playing games on 3 different i have a little bit of peace....hang on i can hear our italian friend Sabrina, and she is nuts. So maybe i will be distracted while writing this. 

Anyway I explained in the previous post all about our time in the South of France, which was fantastic....experiencing some serious nostalgia right now. This is the Outfit that i wore that evening to dinner.

Pretty much the whole outfit apart from the shoes is from Topshop, the crop top is current season, and the skirt i bought whilst i was in Sydney, it is not normally a 'me' skirt because i have a small waist and bigger hips i find it hard with skirts like this to find ones that fit me without making me look like i am fat or whatever. So i am pleased with this skirt. They no longer have it but i am sure that they have similar ones on their website! 

The skinny rib crop tee i am so pleased i bought and at only £8 how can you not! If you are a topshop lover then you already know that they come in a range of colours, so can go with anything. The black one to me is perfect for any outfit.

The necklace i found in a shop in Nice called Nirvana which sold a lot of jewellery with lovely stones in them, and i adore this necklace. This it was about €15-20.

My shoes are of course the Windsor Smith Lily's $89 which have been featured in a number of previous posts. (1,2,3)

My bag is a wonderful bag by Zatchels £45, which are my new favourite bags. The leather is beautiful and they come in a range of colours and sizes, so you are bound to find the perfect one for you! Currently trying to decide on a shape and colour for my next purchase! 

My sisters outfit - Crop sequin cami is from Topshop and her white skirt is from H&M.


Friday, 29 August 2014

Cruise Diary - Day 6, Villefranche & Nice, France

Day 6

So i don't actually need to write much as you can see from my photos the South of France is beautiful,  i think that this was my favourite place from the whole cruise! I used to think 'oh why do people go to the south of France on holiday, thats not a holiday.' but now  that i have actually seen it i finally understand, this is why they go! Nice is stunning and i will be going there again, when i have money...and time. The beautiful park that runs right the way through is somewhere that i could easily have stayed in all day reading a book...because i am lame and thats my favourite thing to do. We walked through the old part of town and i bought a few lovely pieces of jewellery and a dream catcher from a shop called Nirvana. The old town is so quaint, and full of lovely shops built in to all of the old buildings, definitely a nice place to visit! Most of the shops were full of old tourist crap but you got  the odd ones full of lovely hand made items. 
We never actually made it to the modern shops or that part of the city because we were just too busy! We walked through the old flower market and ate in a lovely cafe (shown in pictures) It had millions if biscuits and pastries for sale. Seriously how French can you get?! But of course i stocked up on macarons and biscuits, then remembered you can't take food back on to the ship so i had to eat all of them. We visited the beach of course, which i feel is the only let down, as it is a stony beach, but the water was lovely. The promenade was also amazing, full of interesting things and people. All in all we weren't there long enough and i can't wait to go back!