Friday, 29 August 2014

Cruise Diary - Day 6, Villefranche & Nice, France

Day 6

So i don't actually need to write much as you can see from my photos the South of France is beautiful,  i think that this was my favourite place from the whole cruise! I used to think 'oh why do people go to the south of France on holiday, thats not a holiday.' but now  that i have actually seen it i finally understand, this is why they go! Nice is stunning and i will be going there again, when i have money...and time. The beautiful park that runs right the way through is somewhere that i could easily have stayed in all day reading a book...because i am lame and thats my favourite thing to do. We walked through the old part of town and i bought a few lovely pieces of jewellery and a dream catcher from a shop called Nirvana. The old town is so quaint, and full of lovely shops built in to all of the old buildings, definitely a nice place to visit! Most of the shops were full of old tourist crap but you got  the odd ones full of lovely hand made items. 
We never actually made it to the modern shops or that part of the city because we were just too busy! We walked through the old flower market and ate in a lovely cafe (shown in pictures) It had millions if biscuits and pastries for sale. Seriously how French can you get?! But of course i stocked up on macarons and biscuits, then remembered you can't take food back on to the ship so i had to eat all of them. We visited the beach of course, which i feel is the only let down, as it is a stony beach, but the water was lovely. The promenade was also amazing, full of interesting things and people. All in all we weren't there long enough and i can't wait to go back! 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Cruise diary - Day 5 formal night 2

Day 5
Day 5 was a sea day so it was another formal night, for this night i wore one of my favourite dresses, that i bought from Asos a year ago. It is part of the Asos Africa collection and is just beautiful. Well i think that it is! I don't always have the opportunity to wear this dress, but when i get the chance i jump at it! On this particular night i was having one of those 'i look fat' days. After planning to wear this the whole day i couldn't find anything else to get changed in to so i ended up just wearing it anyway. What i love about this dress is that it doesn't make me look too short. I have to be careful with long dresses as they usually make me look like a fat dwarf. But (i feel) this dress makes me look a little bit longer. Which is always a plus! My favourite part about this dress is the mesh overlay on the top half, and the side split on the skirt, this i think helps me height wise as i can show a bit o'leg. 

My shoes are the Windsor Smith Lily's in patent that have been on my blog a lot.

After dinner my sister and i went to look at the rings that they had on offer and as cruise ships do amazing deals all through the trip we definately took advantage! At the bottom are the Earrings and Ring that my Dad kindly treated me to. 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Cruise Diary; Day 4, Gibraltar

Day 4 
So Day 4 was our first day docking, so the weather was a lot nicer, shame we couldn't stay on the boat when it was still as there was no wind! But today was the the day that we left to see Gibraltar! Now i have been there before as it is a special place to my family. My nan was born there and evacuated to England in WW2. She tries to go back as often as she can but as she is older it is harder for her to travel so this was an emotional trip for her as it may be the last time that she gets to go back. She has no living relatives apart from her cousin who still lives in Gibraltar, which is one of the reasons that we went back there. 

We docked at about lunch time which was perfect timing as we were meeting her cousin for lunch. I have never met her before but the first thing that i noticed was how well she looked, i think she is 90? maybe 80 i cant remember but she was so smiley and it was so lovely to meet her. We ate in this amazing steak house, but i can't remember what it was called, it was expensive but so worth it! 

After we went shopping in the town, and i bought a load of shoes from the Topshop sale, I couldnt do a haul at the time as i had no wifi. So sadly that will have to be a miss. 

For any of you who do not know Gibraltar is part of the UK, so uses pounds and has policemen just like ours. It is very strange being there. We didn't go up to the rock or see the monkeys as we had already done all of that before, but if you are travelling over there they are definitely worth going to see! 

This is the house in which my nan used to live when she was a child. 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Cruise Diary Outfit of the Day 3

Day 3
I don't think that anything interesting happened on day 3, it was the same as day 2, windy and cold! Am back in Australia having the worst day ever and there is nothing more that i would like than to be back on that cold and windy deck 12. But here is another outfit for you, taken again on my crap iphone 4. 

Top - Topshop £60 (long time ago)
Skirt - American Apparel Tennis Skirt $54
can be found here;
Shoes - Russell & Bromley £145
Bag - Charity shop - $1